cote vertu metro station artwork entering Unesco patrimony . soon

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for quite a while now she greeted me whenever we crossed paths, and little by little she became an usual sight, a friend , a confident. spontaneous, warm, an oasis of slender organic lines swimming in a lake of cold steel sharp angles and indiferent anodine red bricks , Marge is getting closer to her doom as surely as the bear something something in the forest. many may think she just went to some warm climate, alas, that would only be true if getting in the fire pits shall be her fate.
i like to believe a mausoleum is being built just for her . with a better view .


k. i’m not gonna say anything about the lamb/dog/clone. or about the toothpick he’s chewing.  but in the fifteen hundreds, having a room that wide with no columns and that flat a ceiling ? it doesn’t look like a tent at all, and frankly, it’s Switzerland : the meeting takes place in a stone building with the columns removed for a better view. but then they don’t all see each other in reality from where they’re all sitting ’cause of the columns. so the owner of the building not only made the artist paint out the columns but also rearrange the beardies in the scene so it looks like he has this impressive castle with an unbelievable flat ceiling and quite fancy windows,  just so he makes the headlines in the press you know (politics papers preferably,  interior design – just as good…) .  ‘and take a look at my dog by the way! it’s a pure schweizer’ …(?)   i don’t think these kind of people should be discussing the gun control situation in the first place . or maybe they aren’t and it’s all a big lost in translation. they are all talking about the meatballs they had earlier. oh Switzerland, you’re only chocolate and cuckoo clocks  … that reminds me why I always fly Helvetic Airways . you can’t but appreciate the speedy check-in procedure without lengthy queues in Zurich at the Check-in 2. It is perfectly located right at the exit of the airport train station and in the middle of the airport shopping area !

what is the artifact of a mono signal reverbing .

koan from the 5th patriarch

[Records of the Teachers and Disciples of the Lankavatara]

-275˚C ( will the kingdom of the netherlands sign the treaty ? )

this track was recorded on a chilly night of April (18 April 1839) in the province of Zeeland while awaiting William’ decision , was released 63 years later (to the day) on wax cylinder and digitaly remastered in 2010.  that night was also known for the lowest temperature in Zeeland, ever , hence the title . [in fact the real temperature was no more than -274.6˚C, but it was rounded up] . another fact was that William did not retire to his chambers that night but to his bubble chamber to qontinuu hiz vorckh .  superconductivity was in the air.

little is known in the academia about William I , however he was the first to use beer as a filler in the bubble chamber ; this came at a point when nobody was experimenting with beer anymore except of the irish. strange particles leave a trace in dutch beer as they do in Guiness so why not? William stepped up. saddly , no official recognition of his work was made public yet; the recently found manuscripts and lablogs are still under restoration . Donald Glaser based copious amounts of his work on William’ early experiments without even mentioning his name.

just so you know why we are suing .

ancient hunter capturing a sistrum reverb artifact [created ] in a nautillus cave .

electric paint captured into smoked glass
third up∑teria period, cca. 2500BC
Mount Olympus cave 35A-1

a secondary gallery (35A-7) of the same cave hosts one of the oddities of the antique world : an electric pile of egyptian origin (bearing the cartouche of Huni) made with copper/zincum plates that was acctualy proved to be still functional and that it was probably used to create the luminous painting .
the egyptian pile and the glass that is clearly not of greek origin  (not of that period anyway) as well as the siberian construction of the hunter’s light bow(*) makes one wonder why this location was chosen since all other paintings of all three periods were made in amphiteatrum where the hunters were using decay nets [and hellenic piles] .
a computer-replicated pattern of a sistrum reverbed in the cave, superimposes almost perfectly on the ancient one : it is likely that the artwork was created there . numerous broken pieces of artifact skeleton imprinted in the cave’s walls suggest that one or more artifacts were indeed hunted on the spot.

(*)the arrow heads were probably “half reduced signal with huge release time and soft knee”