-275˚C ( will the kingdom of the netherlands sign the treaty ? )

this track was recorded on a chilly night of April (18 April 1839) in the province of Zeeland while awaiting William’ decision , was released 63 years later (to the day) on wax cylinder and digitaly remastered in 2010.  that night was also known for the lowest temperature in Zeeland, ever , hence the title . [in fact the real temperature was no more than -274.6˚C, but it was rounded up] . another fact was that William did not retire to his chambers that night but to his bubble chamber to qontinuu hiz vorckh .  superconductivity was in the air.

little is known in the academia about William I , however he was the first to use beer as a filler in the bubble chamber ; this came at a point when nobody was experimenting with beer anymore except of the irish. strange particles leave a trace in dutch beer as they do in Guiness so why not? William stepped up. saddly , no official recognition of his work was made public yet; the recently found manuscripts and lablogs are still under restoration . Donald Glaser based copious amounts of his work on William’ early experiments without even mentioning his name.

just so you know why we are suing .


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